5 important things every young woman should remember in the wake of the election.


After this divisive election, I want to take a moment to speak directly to young women in this country. Im sorry.

Im sorry we failed you. Im sorry you have woken up to a reality where you believe not only can a woman not be president, but in place of a competent professional girl, weve selected a boy who treats wives badly and speaks about women in such a degrading behaviour. We as a country have sent you a awful message, and I want to apologize for that .

You are beautiful.

Despite what youve heard, you are not defined by a number on a 110 scale. Beauty is not defined merely as a Barbie doll with a certain breast sizing, five-inch pumps, and perfect hair although thats what you will be led to believe by the comments “hes having” made and the choices he has built in his personal life. I assure you that is not the case.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and colorings . If the magazines youre reading tell you any different, stop buying them. If the fashion brands youre wearing tell you any different, stop buying them.

It is not OK for someone to grab you. Ever.

That hand that slips into the back of your cocktail dress at an event. That hand on your thigh at the bar. That son who draws your gasps down in gym class as a joke. That son who rends your shirt off in school as a joke. That guy on the street who puts his hand on your shoulder and tells you to smile. That guy on the develop who feigns its simply crowded. None of it is OK . And dont let anyone tell you any different.

You are not defined by your relationship to a man.

It is disappointing that the only real girl presidential nominee our country could stomach was launched into the political domain through her husband. For some reason, too many people in this country still feel Its OK, as long as inferno be there with her calling the shoots. We need to redefine that. First lady cannot and shall not be required to the only plausible track to the White House .

Be smart. Be a badass.

The topics should be: What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you want to do? Not what the hell are you want to look like, what sizing you want to be, what bag you want to own, who you want to marry.

What do you want to do ?

If youre smarter than the boys, be smarter than them. Dont dumb yourself down to not intimidate them. If you are able to kick their ass in sports, do it. Dont worry about being feminine or girly or worry about whether a son will like you.< strong> Do what the hell are you love. Be who you are. And dont apologize .

Make it rain glass.

Weve done it incorrect. Weve walked it off too many times. Weve awkwardly giggled when dealing with harassment in the workplace because weve thought that anything else would leave us out of the conversation.

Weve been timid. Weve tiptoed. Weve played video games. No more.

I said during the third debate there was a moment I felt it and could see in Hillarys eyes 30 years of biting her tongue, of being held to a different level of scrutiny, of that constant anxiety of not getting too loud or too emotional lest you be branded a bitch, or aggressive. I considered that seem of being a woman in a humen world.

My favorite post the coming week was from a woman who said she was catcalled on her behavior to election. Her reply: Grab your umbrellas, boys. Its about to rainwater glass.

Just because Hillary did not win does not mean we need to lose that seem, that bravado, that fearlessness.

Do not back up now. Attain it rain glass. Moms, tell your daughters. Be two examples. Attain it rain, little girls. We are deflated but not overcome. Instead, its time to make it rain.

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